Hail & Storm Damage

Regardless of the age of your home, any exposure to severe whether such as hail or high winds can potentially cause damage to your roof. Some hail damage may be obvious, such as cracked windows, damaged siding, missing shingles, or leaks inside your home. However, much of the possible damage to roofs or gutters may be difficult to assess from the ground. Even from up close, it can take the trained eye of a roofing expert to determine damages such as granule deterioration, or differentiation between storm damage and the normal wear and tear of your roof. While they might seem minor, such seemingly small damages can greatly shorten the lifespan of your roof if left unaddressed. You should always contact a qualified roofing expert to assess your home after exposure to severe weather. If you feel your home has storm damage, or would simply like piece of mind. Click the contact button below.

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